Jan 27, 2022

Angie Anderson, owner of Angie Anderson Photography located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada has been in business for 10 years. 


Angie grew up looking at Vogue and Vanity Fair magazines and developed a love for fashion. She also enjoyed studying the artwork found on album covers, she was inspired to incorporate both of these interests into her photography work. 


Angie feels called to help empower the people that step in front of her camera. She enjoys being able to show people a side they never get to see  themselves when they look in the mirror. She is grateful that she is able to pursue her passion for photography and leave a legacy of beautiful, meaningful, emotive works of art. 


Prior to taking Stripped Down, Angie felt confident in her lighting and posing skills but still felt like something was missing from her work. 


Angie credits the Stripped Down methodology for changing everything and giving her the skills that she didn’t even know she needed. 


Angie is able to serve her clients better and offers an experience that takes her clients on an inward journey. She is now able to create emotive pieces of art that she has always strived for. 

Angie's work after taking Stripped Down


The Stripped Down course has helped her look inward and discover the much deeper reason she chose boudoir photography. As a survivor of sexual assault, she found that creating a space for women to be sexy without judgement is therapeutic for her. 


Throughout the course, she discovered that she had built a fortress around herself and only allowed a few people in to see the real her. She was only comfortable showing the world confidence and joy. She has now let down the walls and became more vulnerable. This breakthrough has allowed her to become a better wife, mother, and friend. 

More of Angie's work...


The Stripped Down course has given Angie the confidence to increase her pricing and helped her with her sales. With the Stripped Down methodology, her clients now feel the emotions that she coaches for and become attached to the images because it brings them back to how they felt during their session. Even with the covid shutdowns and quarantines Angie has more than doubled her income with the help of Stripped Down. 


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