Gina Collins Stripped Down Transformation

Jun 30, 2022

My name's Gina Collins. I am a former student of Denise and of Stripped Down. I took Stripped Down almost a year ago. I did both the online and the in person workshop. 


How has it changed my way of photography? My transformation speaks for itself. I think the fact that my clients that are booking with me, they are specifically telling me during their consultations that they book with me because I am able to produce an image that shows someone's authentic self and their personality, and it brings out feelings to the person viewing it. 


And they want that. They want an image that is capturing who they are, what they're going through, what they want to feel.


So they've been reaching out to me, booking me because of that. And it has made my bookings consistent. It has made my client experience with my clients that much more unique and personalized. 


I've taken so many courses, I've done all the guides. I've bought mentorships and books and podcasts. And I mean, you name it to learn. And there's nothing like this out there. This is like in its own planet galaxy far, far away when it comes to photography education.


And while you're learning how to do a mode of photography, and you're learning to pull out these emotions from clients, you're also kind of learning how to break down your own walls, how to ego check yourself also and how to grow as a photographer, what you are lacking, what you might be struggling with that is indirectly being  projected onto your clients.


This has forever changed my mindset during sessions, before sessions, during consultations, really taking the time to connect with my client, connect with possible trauma. We're not psychologists, we're not psychiatrists, but when you show that empathy and you show that understanding and that you want them to feel safe with you immediately, you're going to have better reactions. 


You're gonna have better images because you're creating a safe space. You're creating this place where somebody can really show you who they are. 


I know that I wouldn't have had the confidence a year ago to even try that with my clients, without the guidance of Denise and the guidance of Stripped Down and also without the community that I got from Stripped Down as well. 


Having that community that has your back, that in itself is extremely valuable.  I highly, highly, highly recommend anybody that is wanting to be a well rounded photographer and honestly sought out. They should, they should do Stripped Down, connect with people, connect with yourself and like me in a matter of months, you're going to see an insane, insane difference in yourself, in your confidence, in your client experience, in your art and in your income as well. 


Thank you, Denise. I'm super excited to be here for round two. I'm excited to meet any of the new faces. If any of you guys have questions, please reach out to me. I'm more than happy to help or to tell you my experience as well. I wish I had an hour to talk about it because honestly so much has changed, that I can't put it in a matter of a few minutes to tell y'all, but other than to just do it, just, just freaking sign up, get outta your own way. And I'll see you in class.

Check out Gina's Incredible transformation below: 

Now Gina's After Stripped Down Images: 



Gina Collins Stripped Down Transformation

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