A Student's Journey Through Vulnerability

Jun 30, 2022

What was your work life before you discovered Denise’s method? 

Definitely very posed. Um, it is one right after the other. I know exactly what I'm doing every single time and it doesn't really change much.

Did you feel anything was missing in your work? 

Definitely. Yes. I couldn't really get a whole lot from my clients unless we really had that connection, which doesn't happen very often when it's just very straightforward. You do exactly the same thing every time.

Why did you register for Stripped Down? 

I was really hoping to bring every single emotion to my studio and really capture exactly who a person is. 

I found Denise, at WPPI and I absolutely fell in love with her and her personality. She's straightforward. She's very loving, very kind. And she really sat me down and she got a lot of emotions from me just within one pose. And for me, just me alone, that's very, very difficult. So it really showed me that if she could do it to me, then I can do it to other people too, with her knowledge. 

How did this course stand out from others you have seen or taken? 

She is very hands on. The other courses that I've taken just kind of hand you the stuff and walk away and say, good luck, figure it out. Where Denise is there for you every step of the way with every question and answer you can give her. 

Did you have any reservations about taking the course? 

I was a little nervous because I knew what she was going to do to pull out all of my emotions but I knew that I needed to be able to learn that in order to do that for my clients.

Describe to us your biggest aha moment or take away you had during the online portion of the course? 

I think my biggest aha moment was when I was watching the videos with her directing the couples. So like, that's where I got my now I got it. 

During the demo shoot, Rebecca had a MAJOR breakthrough… See the video above to watch the breakthrough happen. 

What was going through your mind during that moment? 

All the pain that I've been dealing with. It started off as about me and what I needed in my life. And I needed to show all of that longing to be enough and my god she reciprocated it right back and showed exactly, exactly what I was trying to reciprocate to her and just showing that emotion that I needed.  To want something so bad. It was beautiful. And she did it in such a beautiful way. So really being able to connect with the client is just, it is so amazing. So I feel like I could go in and I can show this to my other clients, to people that I bring into my studio. And if they're needing to let go of something, if they're needing to just breathe, I can show them and I can be there with them and, and participate. And it's a beautiful dance going back and forth. 

How did you make that breakthrough? 

For her, it was really easy because the first thing that we did together, we just sat and we breathed together. And that really just helped me make that connection initially with her. We just started off and I was like, all right, well let's just go for it. Let's give it all we've got. So I did a few of the poses and a few of the emotions that I'm really good at pleasure, joy and confidence. Then I decided to really just dive into this. The lighting's perfect. The chair, the hair, it was all perfect. And I knew that I needed to do that longing emotion.

I sat her down and we just started breathing into it. And the minute that I fell and let all of my walls down with breathing, I felt it with her too. I felt that release. And I just immediately, I was like, all right, step back. We need to capture that right there. It was so beautiful at that moment. And then I couldn't go any further.

If there was one word or phrase to describe your Stripped Down experience what would it be and why? 

Life changing because I'm going to be able to capture that with every client. Now I'm going to be able to get to all of those beautiful, gorgeous emotions. It's not just about the boudoir. It really is about changing lives for these clients. And that's what I wanna do. It's what I'm here for.

What would you say to a photographer who is on the fence about signing up for this education? 

You've gotta do it. You fucking have to do it. You absolutely have to do it. This is life changing. If you want to take your photography to the next level, if you wanna be able to connect with your clients on a deeper level, not just, you know, shoot them and get them in and out of your studio, Which if you're a boudoir photographer, you should be making that connection. You should want to have them come in and be that bombshell. Be that goddess, feel empowered. That's what boudoir is all about. And you're gonna get that when you take this course and you follow what Denise teaches, you're gonna get it.

Check out Rebecca's gorgeous work from the Stripped Down In-Person Workshop below


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A Student's Journey Through Vulnerability

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