Learn to capture mind blowing emotive images with precision and intention.

Are you a Boudoir Photographer who

  • Wants to be confident and rooted in your value as an artist
  • Wants to do more than just take pretty pictures
  • Feels the need to tell beautiful stories
  • Wants to be a master artist of your craft
  • Is looking to elevate your work 
  • Wants to set yourself apart in your market and within the industry
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You might be new to boudoir or you might be a well established professional either way the previously narrowed niched genre of boudoir is getting more competitive. THIS WILL AFFECT YOU.  This is your opportunity to create experiences and work to consistently stand out in your market.   

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Sound familiar?

  • You never feel like your images are good enough and you don’t know why
  • You feel the desire to stand out and be special
  • You want to tell a moving story but all you get are “pretty pictures”
  • You don't feel like you have consistency in your sessions
  • You have difficulty capturing a variety of images with your clients
  • What you are shooting bores you
  • You find yourself drooling over gorgeous inspiration images only to feel inadequate about your own work
  • You struggle coaching and directing your clients
  • You truly are wanting to create life changing work but don't know where to start
  • You never feel confident enough

  The only intensive mentorship that will teach you the fundamental skills to create beautiful and impactful works of art with precision and intention.  

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Scientifically Backed Emotive Methodology

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Proven Step-by-Step Process

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Accountability and Support

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Practical Application and Feedback


Love Notes

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From Jennifer Williams

Denise told me that in order to learn how to coach the right expressions, I’ll need to know what it looks like on my own face and in my body language. The Modern Love team did my hair and makeup and I got in front of the camera. I was so awkward, normally I am not uncomfortable in front of the camera but it was a big realization for me that I am very much used to being strong and I don’t reveal my own vulnerability too often.  We used a mirror so that I could see my face as well as her face emulating specific expressions while using breathing techniques and body language to complete a look.

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Elizabeth Zimmerman

I just told my hubby that I would’ve been 100% completely content and fulfilled if I had ONLY taken the Stripped Down workshop in Vegas.  Everything else was fluff.  Seriously.  I am looking at every image so differently now — my own and all others. I feel like there’s something missing when I don’t see any emotion or connection.

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Leslie Cersovski

Then I realized, whoa, I've got something to set myself apart.  To bring raw emotion to a portrait rather than just another sexy photo.  With Denise's lessons running through my brain, I have no doubt I'll find success with the clients who want just what I provide.

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My experience with Denise Birdsong and Stripped Down

Stripped Down taught me how to create consistent work that my clients can’t walk away from! Strong emotive images come out of each client session. With Stripped Down in my back pocket, I am able to connect with my clients; produce images that engage the viewer and provide a variety of looks. My connection with my clients has surpassed either of our expectations. I want happy clients 100% of the time and Stripped Down has been my pathway to exactly that. -Stephanie Wells GFE Studio


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