Want To Take Your Education To The Next Level?




Of course you do! That's why my master students combine their online course experience with my incredible in person workshop!  You will join me for an intensive, absolutely transformation experience in my 7000 square foot studio space in the SF Bay Area. And now, it's not just 2 days, its 3 FULL DAYS!  Yep, I'm crazy I know it. My team tells me that all the time, but what can I say? I LOVE teaching and I LOVE being in person with you. And when my students said they wanted a little more of my time, well how could I resist? So I made it work. 

So by purchasing the Stripped Down Online Course, and adding the 3-Day Workshop you will take everything you learned in class over the first 12 weeks, and be able to implement it immediately,  get comfortable with the working with your new found skills AND walk away with kick ass content that NO ONE ELSE WILL HAVE! Why? Because there is no fighting for space in my workshops. You are broken up into little groups and you rotate around the studio sets and my incredible client models. Not professionals. They will only do what you tell them. So you will truly feel what it will be like using the methodology on a real client. 

BUT best of all, you will be training those neural pathways to never forget how to use those skills again. YOU WILL BE CHANGED PROFESSIONALLY AND EMOTIONALLY!  You will leave with a new group of friends that you will have FOR LIFE! Plus, you and I will have a connection that will ensure you always feel safe, secure and comfortable coming back to me for help long after my class ends. 

I AM NOT A DROP AND SHOP educator. I do not give you information and say "ok honey thanks for you money, buh bye!" Nope, one you are my student, and you put in the effort, and you let me see you, I WILL ALWAYS SEE YOU!

So what are you waiting for? Come on! Join me in person and let's make magic!




Summer 2022 Course Workshop Dates

September 29, 30, Oct 1

October 6,7,8

February 23, 24, 25