Jan 13, 2022

Kimberly Gallegos, owner of Allure Boudoir Photography located in Laredo, Texas, has been in business for 3 years. 

Kimberly’s favorite thing about being a photographer and artist is witnessing her client’s transformation. In a matter of a couple hours, Kimberly watches her clients go from feeling inadequate and insecure to being fierce and confident. 

Kimberly is inspired by how much healing that can occur from one photoshoot. Kimberly has taken her love of photography and her love of helping women push past negative societal pressures to create a business that puts her clients needs first and delivers a transformative experience. 

As a 2021 Stripped Down graduate, Kimberly has had an amazing transformation herself within her work, business and personal life.

Kimberly's work before Stripped Down was pretty but it was missing something...



Kimberly's work after taking Stripped Down is amazing! It has all the feels...


Stripped Down has challenged her comfort zone. She is grateful for the Stripped Down program because she now considers herself an artist. 

She knew that she had the potential for being considered an artist, but before Stripped Down, she feared she would be judged for being a new photographer. 

After taking Stripped Down, Kimberly has noticed that most of her clients now come from referrals. 

What Kimberly is now able to offer is so much more than a photoshoot, it is a therapeutic experience. 

The range of emotions Kimberly is now able to elicit from her clients has increased her sales overall. She has nearly doubled her sales from 100k in 2020 to 190k in 2021. 

More of Kimberly's amazing work...

Kimberly credits the Stripped Down program for helping her develop confidence in her photography, business, and everyday life in order to be successful. 

Kimberly no longer beats herself up over small things, she demands more from herself, and she has learned grace and knows that she is enough. 

The boost in confidence from taking Stripped Down has helped her healing journey and helped her rewrite the narrative she has been telling herself for years. 


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