Jan 20, 2022

Katie Lierman, owner of Flights of Time Studios located in Pullman, Washington, has been in business for 4 years. 

Katie’s favorite thing about being a photographer and artist is being able to connect with women. She enjoys working with her clients and showing them how amazing and beautiful they are inside and out. 

Katie loves bringing art to life. She wants the viewers to be drawn to the magic of the moment. 

As a 2020 Stripped Down graduate, Katie has had an amazing transformation herself within her work, business and personal life. 

Before taking Stripped Down, Katie felt like she was in a constant battle with herself. She was struggling with confidence, feeling frustrated and dealing with imposter syndrome. She knew she was capable of creating beautiful art but wasn’t sure what was missing and how to fix it. 

Katie's before work...

Working through the Stripped Down program helped Katie see that she was in a negative headspace and that she was getting in her own way. Because of the influence of Denise, Stripped Down and her Stripped Down classmates she was able to get herself additional help and support to process her past trauma that was holding her back, learn new skill sets and develop a better mindset. 

Katie credits Stripped Down for challenging her beliefs in a good way and allowing her the space to look at her life and work from a whole new perspective. The change has helped her marriage and how she parents her children. 

Katie's work after taking Stripped Down...

With the help of Stripped Down, Katie was able to identify what was missing from her work and how to fix it. She now feels confident in her work and has learned how to create a safe place for her client’s to express themselves. Through lots of hard work and determination Katie now is able to lead from a place of authenticity and vulnerability and be an example for her community. 

More of Katie's work...

Katie has changed the way she works with clients, so that she is able to connect with them and make them the first priority.     


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