Feb 10, 2022

Erika Letitia, owner of Allebach Photography located in North Wales, Pennsylvania, has been in business for 15 years. 

Erika is inspired by the potential for people to experience personal growth and fall in love with themselves. She has taught her daughter that love is the answer, always.

She loves being a boudoir photographer because she loves to help people see themselves as beautiful and worthy of taking up space. She loves to see people connect with themselves on a deeper and more intimate level. 

Erika's Before Stripped Down Work:

Through Erika’s love of people and their desire to love themselves fully, she is able to fulfill her ultimate dream of making meaningful art in unimaginable ways. 

With the help of Stripped Down, Erika has discovered the power of boudoir photography. She has been able to grow as a woman who is finding out how to love herself and has grown as an artist. She is able to see that everyone is worthy of love and care and being seen in a way they’ve never felt before. 

The transformation in Erika’s work is incredible. She is now able to offer an even better experience for her clients and make a massive impact with her work. The Stripped Down method has helped unlock strength in her clients that they never knew they had. 

As a 2021 Stripped Down Graduate, Erika is able to see herself in a new and loving way. She now practices what she preaches when it comes to self love and sees beauty in herself. She is a more confident artist who sees more purpose and fulfillment in her work. 

Erika's After Stripped Down Work: 



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