Learn to capture emotive images with precision and intention.


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Experience Transformational Growth And Blossom Into The Authentic Artist You Deeply Desire To Be

Stripped Down is unlike any education in the industry. I will teach you the fundamental skills you need to know to create beautiful and impactful works of art full of emotion with every single client. 

Join the hundreds of Stripped Alumni who have said yes to creating meaningful and impactful works of art and stepped outside of the shadows to become Stripped Down. 

Yes I want in! Put me on the waitlist!
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Are You Ready To: 

  • Create works of art that sets your creative heart on fire
  • Elevate your client experience to shift and change how your client sees themselves
  • Make a massive impact doing something that you love
  • Be recognized in your community and photography industry as the amazing artist that you are
  • Breakthrough self limiting beliefs and become ridiculously masterful and successful 
  • Let go of the false narrative of not being good enough 
  • Stop playing the comparison game
  • Have a clear and proven path to create purpose and meaning in your work
  • Stop searching for the next quick fix and learn the fundamentals to take your work to the next level
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Everything You Want As A Creative. Everything You Want As An Artist. Is On The Other Side Of Stripped Down. 


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I'm Willing To Bet... 

That you got into photography because you love to create and you wanted to make an impact on this world by creating beautiful and impactful images. 

I am also willing to bet that you didn't think it would be this hard to stand out from the crowd. 

Unfortunately in today’s world of Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok we are constantly being bombarded with media. 

So when we put our work out into the world it can be like white noise. 

It is harder than ever to make an impact on the world with your work as a photographer right now. 

Unless… You are approaching your craft with something completely different; body language, emotion and connection.

We all know that if we want to be brilliant we have to invest our time and energy into our education.

There are thousands of guides, programs and courses being sold to photographers every single day it becomes so overwhelming.

I am sure you have invested your time and money into photography education before and you have gained some valuable knowledge but you are still feeling stuck, unsure and like something is missing.

Most education that is out there for photographers, is do as I do type education. Which may be fine if all you are looking for is a quick fix that can help you in the short term. 

But… if you are in business for the long haul you absolutely need to learn the fundamentals.

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Stripped Down Is NOT Your Typical Photography Education

I am not going to teach you how to do as I do. 

I’m not going to just drop some information on you and tell you to “RUN WITH IT.”  

I am going to hold your hand and teach you HOW to step into your full potential as a creative artist with the skills and tools you need to be your best and brightest! 

I’m going to teach you how to make Stripped Down you OWN! Not Mine. 

I don’t want you to be a carbon copy of me, but instead I want you to learn this method and weave it into your personality, your workflow, your style and most importantly, your total client experience. 

I am going to change the way you view the fundamentals of posing, I want you to know, to your core that you don’t have to do what everyone else is doing.

Instead I want you to step into your brilliance, tap into your creativity, connect deeply with your clients and create art! 

I want you to walk into EVERY session, EVERY time, with EVERY SINGLE CLIENT,  full of confidence and joy knowing that you have the skills you need to execute and create beautiful and transformative experiences for your clients. 


It's Your Time! Join The Hundreds Of Stripped Down Alumni Who Have Said Yes To Being Incredible Artists! 


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Hear it from them...

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